what are the needs of "Other Wheeled Things" in Richmond

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based on City of Richmond councellor Linda Barnes' request that the RCCC look into the needs of "Other wheeled things" besides just classic bikes
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PMD - Personal Mobility Devices  (Larry Pamer)

  • contact RCD Richmond Centre for Disabilities - major advocate for disabled people
  •  CoR makes available Diversity Services as part of Community Services
  • Motorized Personal Mobility Device - regulation and classification not yet available in Canada (oct 2010)
  • The Motor Vehicle Act states: When you operate a motorized wheelchair, mobility scooter or power scooter in British Columbia... you are considered a pedestrian!


E-bikes and e-scooters  (Reilly,  Derek)

  • in BC e-bikes: max. 500 watts and 32km top speed (motor alone).
  • Rider must be 16+, wear a helmet, and obey all rules as regular bike.
  • must have operating pedals. 
  • class 5 licence required (class 6 not required)
  • China leads with 120-140 million Ebikes and scooters today
  • Chinese generally use both bike lanes and roadways
  • Scientific American 2010: USA sold 80,000 units 30million in China, 1.4 million in India, 400,000 in Europe and 350,000 in Japan

skateboards and longboards (Linda, Joan, Maria)

  • prefer to ride on the road and in bike lanes, as the cracks on sidewalks cause problems for the wheels, as does gravel. 
  • frequently stopped by police for riding on road AND for for riding on sidewalk!
  •  in 2010, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities voted against helmet legislation for skateboarders and inline skaters
  • some kids will take the bus from Tsawwassen to North Vancouver just to ride down those hills! (recently banned in West Vancouver)
  •  City of Vancouver's Street & Traffic Bylaw does allow skateboards, rollerblades & kick scooters on minor streets with conditions   Bylaw 2849c
  •  skateboarders are stereotyped by the authorities as 'young
    people up to no good' and often get harassed


Riding on the Sidewalk: (Larry, Joan)

  • in Portland: legal to ride on the sidewalk, except for ebikes
  • Section 183(2) of the BC Motor Vehicle Act : (2) A person operating a cycle (a) must not ride on a sidewalk unless authorized by a bylaw made under section 124 or unless otherwise directed by a sign,  
  • municipalities do have the authority to permit, by bylaw, a cyclist to ride on the sidewalk. Maple Ridge & Westminster currently allow this with some conditions (i.e., New West doesn't allow it in their City Centre).

Cargo Bikes and Trikes: (as servants of commerce)

  • Shift Coop in Vancouver (Robin):   up to 600lbs cargo
  • slower on trip into downtown; faster once inside downtown
  • cost of delivery comparable to regular truck delivery
  • CSA deliveries;  Leak Doctor: 3 roofers - saves money and time
  • requires more careful planning of route for max efficiency
  • food vendors have always done it
  • becoming common in airports and inside huge warehouses etc
  • is coming back as a mode of transport for mail delivery
  • 90% of freight bikes in Amsterdam are used for child transport
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What are the best options for acquiring an e-bike in Richmond?
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