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parts to assemble

  • for the real theory, read up on  https://www.microbeorganics.com/
  • or an easier read at https://www.compostjunkie.com
  • or read a short howto, such as fermented-waste (or google "compost tea")
  • First assemble all the parts as shown above
  • place 1 lb high quality compost (or bokashi solids) into cloth sack inside bucket
  • fill with dechlorinated water (let it sit a few hours, or boil and let cool)
  • turn pump on - brew for 24-48 hours;
  • optional: use a microscope to check appropriateness of microflora
  • spread on garden or agriculture field within 1/2 day

 assembled tea composter

Thanks to Tim Wilson (shown here with his microscope):

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