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Margot Daykin: [email protected]  604 276 4130 

  • 4 people in the sustainability department https://www.richmond.ca/contact/
  • enable the necessary transitional and ultimately, transformative level changes to occur. https://www.richmond.ca/cityhall/departments/communityserv/sustainabilityunit.htm
  •  Our vision of a sustainable Richmond is a healthy, safe and enriched island community with an innovative and prosperous economy and thriving natural systems, sustained for current and future generations.
  • integration of environmental policies into the City’s Official Community Plan;
  • greening our corporate practices, 
  • integration of community input into decision-making through the City’s Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE);
  • greening the built-form of the community and encouraging environmentally friendly lifestyle choices;
  • protecting natural resources through City parks and Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA); and
  • understanding and monitoring environmental quality through the City’s State of Environment report.

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