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selection for May 8th meeting:

  • Steveston Island (Shady Island) proposed reshaping (gordon)
  • light bulbs and mercury (pat)
  • Tankers on the Fraser River (proposed bridges, pipelines etc)
  • Newsletter review (Teresa, Gordon)
  • Quorum redux: (of a pool of 12 available, quora is still 7) aim for 50%
  • GMO summary sheet : refining process; official submission? newsletter?
  • select Timekeeper at start of meeting
  • EcoWaste feedback (David)
  • ACE section on City website - include brochure + newsletter
  • visitors: welcoming and seating policy
  • event announcements section added to agenda
  • environment by-laws enforcement - guest speaker from by-laws dept
    • pre-loading issue without permit (councillor Chak)
    • littering (Teresa)
    • CN sound and air pollution at number 8 road (bruno)
    • private signs on city property (teresa)

Potential Topics based on what is on other cities' environmental committee agendas:

  • Bill of Rights (Spokane) , (specifically, environmental rights)
  • Identify most important issue (Tankers in Fraser?)
  • List of most  environmentally responsible corporations in Richmond (special status?)
  • List of least environmentally responsible corporations in Richmond (deny licence renewal?)
  • Open access to city's environmental data
  • change zone bylaws to allow cottage industries (locally processed food)
  • change zone bylaws to allow chickens and raising small farm animals  outside ALR

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