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Basic Bokashi Recipe:

  • prepare AFM = Activated Friendly Microbes.  See its recipe
  • mix 2.5kg bran with 750ml AFM "soup"
  • mix rice or wheat bran in a food-grade large round plastic bucket;l only half-full of dry bran
  • massage for about 10 minutes until 30% moist;
  • squeeze all the air out: step on it; use a full heavy bucket inside bokashi bucket; put plastic on top, weight down with plate and heavy rock (be creative) 
  • 30% moist squeeze test; lump holds together but crumbles when touched lightly
  • ferment anaerobically for up to a month; the higher the temperature, the faster
  • check after 2+ weeks; if it has white or off-white fungus:   it is ready
  • fuzzy molds or smelly molds are bad indicators except for white to off-white fungal mycelium (fine threadlike)
  • if fungus is any other color, throw it away (if no fungus, that is OK too)
  • store it in a cool, dark place.  Will keep many months IF anaerobic (air squeezed out)
  • when done, it should have a wonderful, clean, sweet and sour smell
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Simplest Lasagna Recipe for kitchen waste bokashi:

  • add carbon source (bran, shredded paper, tissues, cardboard, leaves, etc; spray AFM on it 
  • add a layer of food waste; spray AFM on that
  • squeeze air out
  • repeat until bin is full; 
  • let it finish fermenting (2 weeks); add to compost or bury in garden or planters

Traditional Bokashi Lasagna Method:

  • start with thick layer of carbon to soak up bokashi juice at bottom
  • for each layer of food, add a layer of bokashi to cover
  • squeeze air out
  • repeat until bin is full; wait 2 weeks to finish fermentiing;

To make one baby batch of bokashi:

  •  Mix 1 tablespoon molasses into 1 cup warm water. When thoroughly blended, add 1 tablespoon AFM
  •  Pour into 1 pound wheat bran or other inert carrier and mix well.
  •  Seal container and set aside three to four weeks before using;
  •  ready when coated with an even layer of white mycelium.
  •  DO NOT OPEN TO CHECK ON BOKASHI until at least two weeks have passed, add time for colder climes.
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