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City of Richmond eco-cleaning workshop - April 14, 2012 [email protected]

  • proposes an Eco-Cleaning supply kit list
  • Lemon juice is a natural bleach and anti-ripening agent
  • Grease is now accepted at recylcling depots (incl butter,  cooking oil etc)
  • Hot water works better in combination with ecological cleaning products
  • acquire spray bottles from dollar stores
  • best eco detergent is ECOS (save-on foods has large size)
  • best eco dishwashing soap: 1:1 borax : baking soda
  • best dishwasher cleaning: vinegar on empty load
  • best microwave cleaning: vinegar for 3-4 minutes
  • general tablecloth stain remover: lemon juice
  • best window cleaner: vinegar with a bit of cornstarch (defogger)
  • best mildew/mold remove: vinegar
  • best eyeglasses cleaner: 2 drops of vinegar
  • best sponge cleaner: vinegar (not microwave : toxic fumes)
  • best cleaner for white sneakers: toothpaste
  • best washing machine unstiffener  prior to hanging to dry: vinegar
  • best weeder: boiling water or vinegar spray
  • use pomace grade oilve oil for cleaning products
  • best cleaner for gold: apple cider vinegar
  • best cleaner for silver: aluminum foil + baking soda ? 
  • best stain remover on clothes: milk curdled in vinegar ?
  • best cleaner for cement: borax
  • contact Jenny for complete set of info

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Bare minimum cleaning chemicals:

  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Borax
  • Lemon juice (squeeze lemons into ice cubes for storage)

Basic Recipes:

  • All purpose cleaner: 1:1:8 Bakingsoda:Vinegar:Water (after foaming)
  • Windows/Mirrors: 1:3 Vinegar:Water ; wipe w/ newspaper or cotton
  • Floors: 1:32 Vinegar:Hot_Water
  • Drains: baking soda and vinegar; foam 15'; pour hot water
  • Tile/Grout: 1:2:8: Borax:Lemon:Bakingsoda + 2tsp cream of tartar +scrub
  • Laundry: ECOS + baking soda (for bleach) + vinegar (fabric softener)
  • Laundry Whites: add 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • Richmond has soft water (less minerals); use less soap for same effect
  • Weed spray: vinegar or boiling water
  • Microwave cleaning: lemon for 1 min; then wipe easily
  • Dishwasher cleaning: lemon juice for a dry run
  • Toilet cleaner:  1/2 cup borax and a cup of lemon juice
  • Rust:  lemon juice + salt for 30 min
  • Vim Cream Cleanser: paste of lemon juice and borax
  • Hard water stains: lemon juice
  • Chopping block cleaner: lemon juice for 10 min
  • Disinfectant cleaner: 1:1  water:lemon jiuce in spray bottle
  • Mildew+Mold: paste 1:1  lemon juice:salt or baking soda  for 2 hours , then rinse
  • wood polish: 1:1  lemon:olive oil
  • Fabric Stain Remover: Lemon+Salt, let it sit a while; rinse well and wash
  • Black + Tan Leather Polish: lemon then buff

Full City-Suggested Eco-cleaning Kit

  • Apple Cider Vinegar. Baking Soda, Washing Soda, Salt, Borax, Castille soap, Cornstarch, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lemon juice, Milk, Tang, Cream of Tartar, White Vinegar, ECOS detergent, Club Soda, Diswashing liquid
  • Essential Oils, Linseed Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Bees Wax
  • Bucket, Kettle, Mop, Scrub Brush, Soak Pan, Sponges, Spray Bottles, Toothbrush, Broom, Hose
  • Newspaper, Rags, Plastic Bags
  • Water
Soap Dispensaryhttps://thesoapdispensary.com   sells only the most ecological eco-cleaning supplies (Main and 20th in Vancouver)
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what are the products of the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda?
NaHCO3 (aq) + CH3COOH (aq) ----> CO2 (g) + H2O (l) + CH3COONa (aq)   
that last one is called Sodium Acetate

The scientific reasoning behind this recipe is difficult to pin down. Although variations of the technique appear frequently in reputable sources, few of those sources address the "how" and "why" of its operation. https://www.livestrong.com/article/246669-how-do-i-clean-with-sodium-bicarbonate/#ixzz1tP00uChS