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Michael Linton:

  • designer of  Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
  • Setup first LETS in Comox ValleyBCCanada, in 1982.
  • since then: 100's of LETS in Commonwealth and probably 1000's elsewhere.
  • Michael Linton and Ernie Yacub work together as memepro - openmoney meme propagators.


  • money is an agreement on a standard medium of exchange
  • money moves. (the goal is to circulate most of it within our tribes)
  • money flows in opposite direction of goods and services
  • create sustainable employment by spending open money 
  • create a different currency for each project or tribe; diversity is good
  • money is not stuff; it is adjustment of relationships which money measures
  • avoid centralizing structures like board of directors; just do it!


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The word credit comes from  the Latin credere, “to believe.”

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Yes, for example:
  • Community Currencies
  • Wealth Acknowledgment
  • Mutual Credit
  • Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS),
  • Time Banks,
  • barter networks,
  • carbon-emissions trading programs,
  • baby-sitting co-ops,
  • reputation tracking systems,
  • business loyalty programs,
  • Incentive Systems
  • Open play (learning about money)
  • and others we have not got names for yet

You treasure what you measure, and you measure what you treasure. Open money provides the tools to implement this maxim. What should we be treasuring in our culture and on our planet that we so far have no way to measure?  https://openmoney.info/sophia/

How to record transactions?

  • phone or text it in
  • update small accounting booklet
  • write a cheque (not backed by bank)
  • use smart card
  • signoff sheets
  • fax authorizations
  • online software
  • move open money any way information can be moved

Don't rush into large transactions like the family farm until you are sure there is equivalent amount of goods and services  you want, and you have sufficient trust in that community currency.

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Summary of Lietaert's "Future of Money" mon