Most efficient ways to lower negative impact on environment?

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The 3 -R's are not equal:

Yes, Recycling is good.

But every time we Re-use something, it is 20x more energy-efficient than Recycling.

And every time we Refuse (Reduce) something, it is 20x more energy-efficient than Re-using.

Therefore:  Refusing (adopting a minimalist lifestyle) is 400 x more efficient than Recycling!

Lesson Learned:  

  1. Adopt a minimalist lifestyle,
  2. Re-use, Repair, or Barter what is already available: freecyclecraigslist
  3. Recycle what can't be re-used 

sources: [1] [2]

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Yes, I know this is mixing the quantitative and the qualitative, but it is a good executive summary.
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