What is a Miyawaki Pocket Forest?

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Dr Miyawaki invented an efficient way of planting ecological forests

  • Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist and plant ecologist, studied PNV in Germany for his phD:
  • with phytosociologist Reinhold Tüxen re: PNV "Potential Natural Vegetation".
    • reforestation with "original" species gives good and often spectacular results
    • Richmond BC's PNV zone is called Cedar-Hemlock-DouglasFir
  • Key:  restore native, multi-stratal forests following an ecological method.image
  • this method dramatically accelerates forest growth and result in a stable (maintenance-free after 3 years) and bio-diverse forest ecosystem.
  • There are now over 3000 Miyawaki sites globally.  None in Canada yet.
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