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Best Composting Methods

  • Do Nothing: bury or mulch directly in garden, hedges and pocket forests
    • minimum CO2 off-gasing, simplest, least disturbing to soil if mulched 
  • Worm Composting
    • handles almost anything + produces highest quality results
  • Johnson-Su Bio-Reactor 
    • a very large worm composter with air chimneys for a year
    • produces extremely high quality soil amendments
    • produces large volumes for commercial farms
    • based on discovery that air travels no more than 1 foot thru organics
  • Eileen Ingham Hot Composting 
    • when done correctly, makes finished compost in 18 days
    • requires turning over every 2 days
  • Feed chickens or pigs 
  • Compost in place 
    • large pile of leaves, woody debris, grass clippings for one year
    • poke a long piece of rebar every 1 foot square to aerate it regularly
    • cover with tarp and add nitrogen slurry regularly

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