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Dana Westermark : Green Developer in Richmond: "his companies, Oris Consulting Ltd. and Connect Thermal Energy Solutions, are building homes and energy systems in North Richmond, East Richmond and Steveston. All employ geo-exchange systems that use less than half the electricity required under conventional energy systems."

"Peter Russell, the City of Richmond’s senior manager for sustainability and district energy, says the city was waiting to see if the private sector would get involved with utility services. “It wasn’t happening. We also came to a realization that we would probably have to be involved, that it could not be just private sector–led.”

District utility manager Alen Postolka, who oversees the city-owned Lulu Island Energy Company, said the company aims to build resilient communities by providing reliable, renewable energy. Although geo-exchange is the main source of heating and cooling for West Cambie residents, newer neighbourhoods like Oval Village and City Centre are looking into sources like sewage heat and solar.

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