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Which of these indicators most needs to be "measured into existence" in Richmond in order to check if we are reaching our OCP 2041 Transportation Goals?

Choose one of the following or make up your own and click on Answer to justify your choice and allow others to vote on it.  Also vote or comment on any others you think are most important

  • GHG transportation emissions for Richmond (estimated by BC government)
  • HUB commuter stations statistics  for 'bike to work' weeks
  • # of participants in annual city-sponsored island bike tour 
  • cyclist and pedestrian collisions per 100,000 km
  • % of women, children, seniors, handicapped cycling (or using wheeled things)
  • number of students taking bike courses (riding, repairing)
  • number of cycling maps distributed
  • number of hits on the city's RATC webpages
  • km of bike lanes, km of segragated bike lanes, km of pathways
  • km of wide curb lanes with sharrows
  • # of bike trips  
  • % of total trips done by wheeled things, by foot, by transit, or shared cars
  • $ spent on cycling/pedestrian/carshare/transit infrastructure in Richmond
  • % of top 10 problems identified by HUB and RATC effectively dealt with by the City of Richmond (or partially dealt with)
  • # of bullfrog customers in Richmond (offsetting carbon)
  • # of bus trips, km of bus lanes, # of bus-passenger-hours in Richmond
  • # of canadaline passengers, # of train trips, $ spent on train infrastructure
  • compass statistics for Richmond
  • # of organic-farmer hours worked in Richmond
  • comparison statistics with similar cities in Metro area
  • intuitive scale : how on track are we to reaching 2041 transportation goals
  • # of car shares located in Richmond;  car-share-hours per year
  • walk scores for Richmond as a whole, and each of its neighbourhoods
  • bike scores (overall and by neighbourhood)
  • % of residents who work within Richmond
  • % of residents who are within 5 min of public transport
  • coverage of Richmond with frequent buses (only 410 + Hwy99)
  • number of parking spots reduced for bike lanes, bus lanes or affordable housing
  • km of dedicated bus lanes
  • number of cars insured by Richmond residents
  • number of east-west bus lanes (intersecting with canada line)
  • % of traffic hot spots where transit goes through easily
  • number of speed bumps on cycling routes
  • other ideas?



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Larry suggested https://www.env.gov.bc.ca/cas/mitigation/ceei/index.html for municipal energy inventories

Lois suggested using the annual RATC reports (city website)
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# of free parking spaces
# of km of non-sidewalked streets
% of complete multi modal streets
% of kids using clean transportation to/from/during school

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% of total trips done by wheeled things, by foot, by transit, or shared cars