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Blundell Community Area is one of the dozen or so communities in the RIchmond OCP 2041 

  • No community centre (but close to Thompson, South Arm, West Richmond)
  • Contains Garrat Wellness Centre operated by Coastal Health (incl. community gardens)
  • Contains Blundell Shopping Centre (created by a union to provide local jobs)
    • Amron Gourmet Meats - third Best Butcher Shop in Richmond 2012
    • Cobs Bread - third Best Bakery in Richmond 2012
    • McDonald's - second Best for Late Night Munchies  in Richmond 2012 
    • Pump House Pub - third Best Chef  and third Best Pub in Richmond 2012
    • Starbucks - Best Coffee house in Richmond 2012 (all locations)
    • CoastCapital - Best Financial institution in Richond 2012
    • Seafair Jewelers - second Best Jewelers in Richmond 2012 
    • Shoppers DrugMart - Best Pharmacy in Richmond 2012 (all locations)
    • Kins Farm Market - Best Grocery in Richmond 2012 (all locations)
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phone conversation with City of Richmond OCP staff member:  the 15 neighbourhoods concept in the OCP 2041 document from 2011 is not in use anymore.  It was the only one that contained Blundell  Neighbourhood, probably because it contained a shopping centre.   It sounds like this neighbourhood is currently considered "West Richmond" with no plans for a community centre in this area

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