Community Currencies
An Invisible Structure in Permaculture Design

(c)opyleft creative commons 2018
by Bruno Vernier

June 2, 2018 - Sharing Farm

Money is a Permaculture Sector in all Designs

What do we mean by Capital?

What is your map of money?

Observe and Interact with Money:

Observe and Interact with Money:

Money is:

* agreements betweem members of a circle,
* using currency lube
* to transform their capital into forms
* more aligned with the circle's mission

What is currency?

What is currency?

Examples of Currency:

Currency is the grease that allows goods and services to circulate WITHIN a Circle

The Yin-Yang Spectrum of Currencies

Yin Currencies Yang Currencies
Fear Trust
Exponential curve Sine curve
Tax Gift
Competition Cooperation
Efficient Appropriate
Quick Profit Long Term Improvements
Scarcity Abundance
Debt Mutual Credit
Interest Demurrage
Long Distance Trade Building Community
Abstract Material
Map is not Territory Gifts Come with Expectations
Account (-ing) Count me in / Count on me

The gender of Currencies

DaVinci TaiChi

Currency Swales:

A more realistic picture of Currencies

Example of Currency Circle

Stories can be a Currency

My Autobiography

Timebank using Time as Currency

* entirely legal * note: legal tender is a currency that has to be accepted for payment * Tax collectors want their share of transactions beyond neighbour giving occasional hand to neighbour

Seedstock Story

Sweet Digz Farm - SDZ Bucks currency

Irish Bank Strike story 1

Egyptian Ostracas story

High Middle Ages - Bracteates story

Michael Linton: Original Guru of Community Currencies

Michael Linton's Message:

What about Counterfeit?

Now lets Review:

Matchmakers are a human or robotic form of currency

Exercise: Design a medieval fair to help one of your circles obtain yields in a dry part of their mission

Mnemonic Inventory of Treasures: ECOFIMAP

for more:

stop here

Now : go and permaculturally design everything!

Problems with Canadian Dollar

How all currencies are created

Example of Ponzi currency creation in $CDN

the solution is:

My angle:

Recent Experiments around the World


Other Crypto-Currencies

Types of UOM and IOUs

type UOM IOU
Institutions taxes, donations health,education,security
Businesses AR (invoices) AP (bills, payroll)
People Work Contracts, Real Estate Mortgages, Loans
Nature Carbon Offsets Potential Resources

Guillaume Lebleu's Aphorisms

7 insights

What is your problem that community currencies are the solution for?